Building up believers and the New Testament church

Gordon Gentry Ministry Audio

A Beginning Expression of the ChurchGordon Gentry

Add to your FaithGordon Gentry

Add to Your FaithGordon Gentry [50:41]

A Father's HeartGordon Gentry [34:52]

Be Ye TransformedGordon Gentry [59:30]

Christ in YouGordon Gentry

Christ is Head of His ChurchGordon Gentry

Christ the Foundation for GatheringGordon Gentry [46:33]

Christ Who Is AllGordon Gentry [42:16]

Commitment without CompromiseGordon Gentry

Crossing over into the SpiritualGordon Gentry

DivorceGordon Gentry [01:00:01]

EnlargementGordon Gentry [51:38]

Exercising our Choice in the Will of GodGordon Gentry

Exercising our Choice in the Will of GodGordon Gentry

Experiencing God in RelationshipsGordon Gentry

Faith Overcomes by God's AbilityGordon Gentry [43:00]

For Me to Live is ChristGordon Gentry

God As He IsGordon Gentry

God in our MidstGordon Gentry

God's Answer, His SpiritGordon Gentry

Grace-What God Can DoGordon Gentry

Hearing GodGordon Gentry [58:02]

Humble Before God & Submit One to AnotherGordon Gentry [58:26]

Humility and MeeknessGordon Gentry [59:42]

Involvement in the BodyGordon Gentry [52:42]

Knowing God's PresenceGordon Gentry

Law and Grace in Our RelationshipsGordon Gentry [56:02]

Light and SaltGordon Gentry [56:15]

Love Never FailsGordon Gentry

Love That is FerventGordon Gentry [53:56]

Manifestations of the SpiritGordon Gentry

Maturing for His UseGordon Gentry

Objective & SubjectiveGordon Gentry [01:25:56]

Our Personal Relationship with Jesus ChristGordon Gentry

Our Victory in ChristGordon Gentry [01:02:04]

Romans 7Gordon Gentry [58:36]

Seeing God's Divine PurposeGordon Gentry [54:16]

Spiritual Maturity and Our ResponsibilityGordon Gentry [58:37]

Standing With God Against SinGordon Gentry [01:06:56]

That I May Know HimGordon Gentry [45:47]

The AnointingGordon Gentry

The Beginning Work--LoveGordon Gentry

The Fulness of the SpiritGordon Gentry

The New and Living WayGordon Gentry [51:53]

The Oneness of GodGordon Gentry

The Outworking of LoveGordon Gentry

The Trial of our FaithGordon Gentry

The Way of FaithGordon Gentry [52:24]

Time With GodGordon Gentry [01:00:22]

Today If You Hear His VoiceGordon Gentry

Two Colts Who Chose DifferentlyGordon Gentry [29:03]

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