Building up believers and the New Testament church

The Basis of All Things

How is Our Oneness in Union With God to Be Expressed?

Our oneness in union with God must be expressed in the same way the union of the Son and the Father was expressed, for we are to give the same testimony of oneness. We can do nothing of ourselves, just as Jesus said He could do nothing of Himself. Our lives in the Spirit are now to be lived out to His glory. It is only the one who does the will of God that is going to be with Him for eternity. God does not have a salvation separate from His plan. His plan is that we might find our life in Him. He has made full provision, if we will only believe Him and avail ourselves by faith in His promises.

This is not something we do apart from Him, but in union with Him. Faith has these two elements: God speaking and man obeying. We cannot please God without faith because this is the union that God had in His heart from the beginning of creation. Faith brings a totally new and different expression into our lives, which expression is the character of Christ as we move in His life by faith.

God has done a perfect work, and His plan for man cannot fail. If we entertain any other idea in our minds it will only dim our vision and bring us into darkness. God has only one place for man to move, and that is in His will by faith. To be able to move in faith, we must see what God has done and that He cannot fail in the outworking of His purpose because of who He is--God.