Building up believers and the New Testament church

The Hope of Glory

Unto Him Be Glory Now and Forever

Our theme has been the glory of God. As we began, we said that words cannot contain this glory. We have sought to peer into this glory, but actually only the Holy Spirit can reveal this glory to each one of us. In every account of men beholding the glory of God, they had one response: to fall down and worship. Perhaps this is the final test of whether we have beheld the glory of God. As long as we are still standing, just thinking about these things, I doubt that we have seen the glory of God.

Jesus is the Lord of glory. He has riches He wants to share with us. He paid the ultimate price so that we may enter into His glory. He prayed that we might be with Him where He is--that we might behold His glory. Oh, brothers and sisters, how lightly we treat this salvation! Do we realize how great a salvation has been opened up to us? Has it caught our full attention? Have we partaken of His glory? Has it possessed us? Oh, that God would open our eyes, that we might see the riches of His glory. Have we heard the call to higher ground? He invites us to be with Him in glory. Have we heeded the invitation? May God give us ears to hear and eyes to see this day, that we may not miss the riches of His glory, and that together we may be with Him both now and forever. Amen.