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Fellowship With God

Fellowship With God

Are you moving in fellowship with God? Don't re-define fellowship to mean something lower, in order to "feel comfortable" with yourself and with others. Have we allowed the standard to drop so that we have no need to continually wait on God to see fellowship worked out? Are we content with enjoying the company of others on a social basis, but not experiencing the love that gave Jesus to die and the power that raised Him from the dead? Is our fellowship with one another natural or spiritual? Do we know each other according to the flesh or according to the Spirit? Christ declared who God is by His whole life and ultimately on the cross, so that together we may experience the same fellowship and love that was between Him and the Father. Let us not neglect so great a salvation. If Christ died to make it possible to enter into true fellowship with God in all things, what answer shall we give to God on the final day if we have not availed ourselves of His glorious provision and entered into this holy calling?

Brethren, the appeal and exhortation in these few words is to reconsider what fellowship with God is all about. If we feel we have arrived, we leave no place for God to speak to us and expand our revelation and experience. Paul had experienced a great deal of God, but at the end of his life he had one cry: to know God in all things. Is this our cry? If not, it should be. Let him who has ears to hear listen to what the Spirit is saying to us in this hour. The time is short. The issues are eternal. The provision is God himself.

May we not miss this great salvation and the privilege of entering into this high calling. From the evidence we see around us, most have missed the way. May we not be numbered among them, for one day, it will be too late to come back into the right path. May God in His mercy open our eyes and lead us into full fellowship with himself in all things for His glory alone.