Building up believers and the New Testament church

The Basis of All Things

From the very beginning, God's purpose has been that all things be summed up in Christ. If we then, as believers, are going to begin where God begins, Christ must be our life. This statement seems elementary, but it is far from that, for we must know the reality of these words in our lives. Our experience must begin and continue with God as our life by the indwelling of the Spirit. We cannot begin where the religious world begins, or we will end up with a "cheap believism" which leaves us in the natural realm. We must therefore redefine our terms, so that we might move by faith.

We may use the term "new birth," but what does it mean? Man has often defined scriptural terms to suit his own experience and way of life, but only as God's Word is revealed to us by the Spirit can we know the true meaning of new birth. God's ways are made known to us by His Spirit, and we enter into what God has said by faith. We are not interested in what man says that God's Word says, but rather what the Lord truly does say. Christ is truth, and the Spirit will lead us in Him. Let us go on to allow the Spirit to give us God's meaning, so that we might know God in reality rather than only in our minds.