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Building up believers and the New Testament church

Walking in Truth

Walking in All Truth

Brothers and sisters, we have hardly scratched the surface of our subject in this short article. Our purpose here is not to try to explore all truth. That will take a lifetime. Our goal here is simply to point out the way God has chosen for us to enter into the full experience of fellowship with Him and His grace. So often, we see that men are groping for answers. Where is God? Where are the miracles? Where is the power of God? They are all in Christ Jesus our Lord. So how do we enter into these things? There is only one answer. We must walk in all truth, and the Holy Spirit has been given to lead us in that walk.

What does that truth consist of? As I have said, we can hardly begin to consider that question here. We have mentioned just a few beginning areas, but that question must be answered in our relationship with God day by day. It must be answered as we allow God to build us together with others. It must be answered not just in words but in deeds as we obey God. As we walk in truth, we will find our lives rooted and grounded in God and in His love. But the focus of our encouragement here is that we must walk in all of the truth that God reveals to us. Too often, believers begin and then stop. We dare not do this. John rejoiced to hear that his children were walking in truth—now. The Holy Spirit is constantly leading us into all truth.

Why would we not continue? There are many reasons, but I think there is one that stands above all others. If we walk in truth, it will mean death to our natural life, then a full expression of the life of God in and through us. There is a price to pay, and that price is allowing God to put to death everything that is not of Himself. He does not force us, but if we are not willing to let God do this work in us, we will not continue in our walk with God in truth.

When we walk in truth, God deals with us in the cross of Christ so that the only expression coming through us is the life of God. God's purpose is that Christ would be all in all, and no flesh would glory in His presence. Walking in all truth brings that into reality. Sometimes that hurts and goes against what we want to do. God does not force our choice. He puts the way clearly before us and then bids us choose. He does not hide the cost. The way of the cross is costly. It cost God everything, and if we embrace His cross, it means death to our life and will. There is no other way. Life only comes out of death. Truth does set us free, but not in the way many commonly think. Truth sets us free from ourselves to do the will of God in all things, that He may be glorified.

So, beloved, let us not stop at any point, but rather let us continue in the grace of God. God has made full provision that we may know Him fully. May our testimony be the same as those John spoke about. May our greatest joy be to walk in truth. The end is full fellowship with God, both now and for eternity. Glory to His name!