Building up believers and the New Testament church

Fellowship With God

Moving With God

We said in the beginning of our discussion that we must begin with God, not with ourselves. God has been moving towards His eternal goal from the beginning of time, and continues moving toward it now. He knows the end and He will not fail. We are here somewhere between the beginning and the end, probably very close to the end of God's working in this manner on earth.

God so loved the world that He gave His Son (John 3:16). We are not told that "God so loved me that He gave himself for me." This is how the gospel is often expressed today, but notice where that puts the emphasis. The first statement puts God and His purpose at the center of all things. The second statement puts me and my goals at the center. God does not build His plans around me. He builds everything around himself and His ultimate purpose. Because of His love, mercy, and provision in Christ, I may enter into and participate in God's plan if I choose to. But if I choose not to participate, God's purpose will not be thwarted. God never fails. Man fails if he will not come God's way.

What we are saying here is so important if we want to know fellowship with God. Fellowship with God is experienced as we enter into what God is doing, not as we ask God to come into what we are doing. Many today set spiritual-sounding goals and then ask God to come and participate with them. He does not. God will not be brought down to our concepts and into our life. He will lift us up into His life if we will let Him.

Do we know what God is doing and how He is moving? Do we know what our part is? Do we know how to enter into our place in the body of Christ? All of these things and more are included in our fellowship with Jesus. Let us briefly consider some of these, while asking God to lift our vision to the place He dwells. He wants us to sit with Him in heavenly places.