Building up believers and the New Testament church

The Wedding Day

The Originality of God

My final appeal to a couple approaching this special day is to be original in God. So many weddings are only patterned after a form that has no originality and no power of witness. I do not see any place in the scripture or in God indicating rules to follow, a prescribed order of service, or anybody to say we are right or wrong. What we do, we do before God. He delights in originality that springs forth spontaneously from our union with Him.

In one way, could not every wedding be different? Could not every vow be different? Why? Because each individual is different and God wants us to express our love to Him and to our mate out of who we are in Him. You can sense when this is true. When somebody is just copying a pattern, it leaves an emptiness. But when vows and the entire wedding come out of the love of God flowing in the heart, it lifts the entire time up into the heavenlies and you just want to bask in the presence of God together.

For this to happen, we must be led of the Spirit because He is the only one who can take us into this realm. It puts us on our knees before God, utterly dependent on God for the next step. I believe this is where God wants us to begin, continue and end. God wants to fill all in all, and certainly He wants to fill this occasion with His presence. He wants to declare His love at all times and in every place, and this one is especially dear to His heart.

Brothers and sisters, I do not pretend to have all the answers. My desire here has been to encourage a young couple planning to be married to rethink everything before God and let God lead them in this joyous occasion. May God show each one of us how to participate, and may God be glorified in all things. Unto Him be glory in the church, both now and forevermore. Amen!