Building up believers and the New Testament church

Training Children

Our Ability, His Life

The responsibility of raising a family for God is demanding. We do not live for our families, however, but for God. He is first, and His purpose in the church must overshadow all. Our families fit into the purpose of God. The only way we can hope to succeed in this great calling is through the ability of His life. Apart from Him, we can do nothing. The solution is not five easy steps, or 25 hard steps. The solution is the Holy Ghost. He must be our life, for every situation is different.

Parents read books on how to raise their families, and these can be helpful. But in the end no book, including the Bible, is the answer. Jesus is the answer, and He has sent the Helper to be with us. It is a moment-by-moment dependence on God, looking for His direction. We need a word of wisdom, and a word of knowledge. We need discernment. We need to be able to judge properly. We need His ability, to be attentive. We need the eye salve that only Jesus can give, to allow us to see.

God has made full provision. We cannot pull back, looking at our own weakness. Perhaps we have failed in certain areas, but God can turn things around if we will obey Him. Will we submit to the discipline of the Holy Spirit in our lives? (Read Hebrews 12.) God does not consider our weakness; He only considers what He can do in us. He knows no limitations. Faith moves in and believes God. It may take a miracle, but God is in the miracle business. He is faithful, and if we will cast ourselves utterly upon Him, He will show us the way.

His way is the way of love, for that is His nature. Only as we are in that love relationship with God will we be able to carry out the responsibility before us with success. His life flowing out through us will be victorious. Our children will rise up and bless us and bless God, and be a blessing to all. Let us arise to the labor. The time is short.