Building up believers and the New Testament church

Two Nature Theory - Exploded

With the many varied theories pertaining to sanctification taught in religious circles today comes the widespread theory of two natures in the believer. This theory has been advanced to such a degree that it would seem it is impossible for the believer to live a life free from sin and according to the will of God. But those who hold to the "two nature theory" have no working knowledge of the power of the gospel, and no clear understanding of what God accomplished at the cross.

Because believers fail to realize the reality of their relationship with God, there is a lack of personal responsibility to God. This leads to spiritual instability. In most circles, men deal with the effects of sin, rather than the real problem. When we deal only with the effects, we keep having more effects and they get worse and worse. Only when the problem is done away with will the effects be done away with. The "two nature theory" says that the believer has both a sin nature and a new nature. From this theory come many other false theories on how to deal with that "old nature" or "sin nature" which is said to exist within each person.

In this article we start by asking the question, "Does the believer have a sin nature?" I believe that with a fair exegesis of God's Word and a proper revelation of what God has done in Christ Jesus, we can find the answer that will give every believer a solid footing for their faith and a manifestation of His nature to the world around.

We are not setting forth a "sinless perfection" doctrine, but we are saying that as Christians, we can live without sin as we walk by faith, and that our human natures are not sin natures and need not be hindrances to a walk in victory. Let us allow our experience to match up to the Word of God, rather than trying to find theories and scriptures to justify our experience.