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Building up believers and the New Testament church

All Begins in Revelation

A Controlling Revelation - The Only Thing That Stands

Each one of us needs a revelation that controls us, and the Spirit of God will have to give it to us. We need to realize that the work belongs to God and that God is present by the Spirit, working his work. We are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus through the work of the cross. Of course, we have our responsibilities, but don't ever think that you are building the church or that any man can build the church. Again we must state that Christ is building His church. It is being built in the Spirit, and the only thing that can build the members together is spiritual truths coming forth by the Spirit and being received in the Spirit. Human knowledge cannot take hold of spiritual truth. Until we start to see Christ by revelation we can never move in faith; we will be only hearing words. Without the Spirit there is only death, for it is the Spirit that brings life.

The Spirit will show us the fullness of our inheritance which is all in Christ Jesus, and if He shows us the fullness it is that we might be partakers of the fullness. We must seek the Lord with our whole hearts if we desire to know Him and be partakers of what He has purchased for us in Christ. The Lord is going to show you the fullness of what He has done. He will take you down into the valley of suffering, and then you will cry out, "I see, I see." God is not going to show you something without working it in you. This is why at times we hold back: because we know God and His ways. We know that when we start to see, we will have to walk in what we see.

Looking at this path in God from a natural viewpoint, some do not want to walk in that place of obedience to the revelation. It seems to be a place of loneliness, of rejection, a place where nobody understands you. Well, this is a place of rejection; it is a place where nobody understands you. This is why some stop short of entering into more of the fullness of God. They would rather have everybody understand and accept them--but this is not the way when we walk in revelation. Revelation brings us into the reality of His life--which is not accepted by the natural man.

The revelation will cause us to suffer for His sake that we might reign with Him. Only those who see the revelation and are obedient to that revelation will reign with Him. Only those who have tasted of the demands of the Spirit of God as He reveals the Father's heart are going to be changed into the image of His Son.

Only a vital working in our lives will bring us to a place of oneness, where we can humbly say, "Come, Lord Jesus," and it will be the Spirit of God speaking within us because He has made us ready. The Spirit will be crying within us, "Come quickly, Lord Jesus"; a church prepared, "Come quickly." Some would say, "Give me a little more time." But the Spirit says, "Come," and the church says, "Come," because it is indwelt by the Spirit. "Come quickly," because it is ready.

Let the Spirit speak to our hearts, and let us see that the work belongs to God, and that without the revelation we are not even within the working of God. But He doesn't withhold it from anyone, so we must not become discouraged. All He is looking for is a hungry heart. He has said, "He that hungers and thirsts after righteousness shall be filled."