Building up believers and the New Testament church

Spiritual Gifts

Misuse and Counterfeit

Many today have started to be used in the manifestations of the Spirit, then try to use the gift to do what they think should be done. They try to work the works of God in their own strength and understanding. When spiritual brethren in the local gathering allow this to happen, misuse, strife, and division begin to distort the image of Christ. This is why God has given discerning of spirits as one of the gifts of the Spirit--so that we can know what spirit is manifesting when any supernatural utterance or manifestation is taking place. These utterance gifts--prophecy, tongues and interpretation of tongues--can be misused. They should be the manifestation of the Holy Spirit, but they can be counterfeited by our spirit or even evil spirits.

The love of God never continues to allow false manifestations of the Spirit. Correction and judgments are the only means to bring back the real manifestation, to the glory of God. Purging always assures more fruit--good fruit. We must all desire that misunderstanding and misuse be removed from our minds and hearts, and allow the Spirit to build in us and bring from us a pure flow of His life.