Building up believers and the New Testament church

Spiritual Gifts

"...To another faith by the same Spirit..."

The gift of faith is a gift of the Spirit to the saint so that he might work miracles or receive miracles. The gift of faith is for power. When this gift is in operation in the believer, he believes God in such a way that his word is honored by God and brought to pass. The gift of faith is distinct from the working of miracles even though it produces miracles. Faith's power receives and enjoys things by the Spirit. The gift of faith is a supernatural endowment quite distinct from what we generally term faith, and equally distinct from the other eight supernatural endowments of the Spirit. All nine gifts operate by faith, even the great gift of faith, but it differs from saving faith or from the faith which is a fruit of salvation, as we abide in the vine.

The gift of faith could be termed "miracle faith." It is for the heavenly miracles manifested on this earth by God's children. (This gift of faith is the same faith that sealed the mouths of lions.) It is also used for receiving the wonderful promises of God, which are beyond our natural understanding. The gift of faith in operation is less spectacular than that of the other gifts. Many times it is manifested without being known, but this makes it no less miraculous or supernatural. The gift of faith is used in casting out demons and in the divine commission to raise the dead.