Building up believers and the New Testament church

The Foundation - Living His Life

Are you living His life?

Where do failures come? Not in Christ. Where do heartaches come? Not in Christ. They only come as you get out there on your own, only as you move separate from the will of God. The minute you move out, you're in bondage. You've moved back underneath the demands of the Law.

If you are not experiencing what God has for you, come to a stop now. Let all of your inner activity come to a standstill! And realize God. We have only a short time on this earth--whether you believe it or not. One thing should be in each of our hearts: we should be looking for His appearing. Are you looking for His appearing? The time is short for God to do His work in our lives. The problems that we have are only answered in Christ.

The apostle Paul spoke of "the power that worketh in me mightily." He is describing the inward power of the Holy Ghost. Let us encourage one another "as we see the day approaching." Our purposes must be founded in His will--not in what we think, not in what we hope--only in moving in faith and responding to God in the measure He calls us to walk in right now.

We don't know what lies ahead, but as John says, "It does not yet appear what we shall be, but when we see Him, we shall be as He is." That is, if we see Him. Let that bring not fear, but hope and strength by the Spirit.

When we come into the life of God, we move into a completely different realm, the realm of the Spirit. This is not some place of "floating around up in the clouds," but a place of walking with God right down here, allowing the life of Christ to flow through you to others. Spiritual life is simply doing the will of God. Not your will, but His will.

What I am saying may wreck a few of our plans, because many of us have planned on something else. We've planned on having God bless our efforts. But all I can say is, is God moving or are you moving? Unless God moves, you had better not move. This is not to put a yoke around your neck; I'm just saying that it is those that are led by the Spirit that are the sons.

We may talk about Christianity, talk about religion--but there won't be any religious people in heaven. The Word of God tells us that His sons are conformed to His image and led by the Spirit. "Seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness." God has never let anyone down. There are no failures in God. In our stupidity, so many times we fail. But faith will never fail. God never fails and love never fails. Today, may we take another step in the Spirit and by faith.