Building up believers and the New Testament church

The Foundation - Living His Life

"For the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus hath made me free from the law of sin and death." (Rom. 8:2)

Every one of us has been taught to use every natural faculty that we have. When we come into Christ. it doesn't mean that we won't have these any longer. But we are controlled now by a higher principle--the principle of life. We are led by the Spirit. That's where it begins, and that's where it ends. There are no "in-betweens." There is no consideration of opinions, philosophies or logic, but only being led by the Spirit. We've moved into a "brand-new" creation.

No longer is my will anything to be considered, but only faith. Faith doesn't do my will. Jesus said, "I didn't come to do my will, but the will of my Father that sent me." Let us brush aside all those things that have cluttered up our minds, and the words and jargon we use, and come back to simplicity. Then we will move and mature in our spiritual senses. We will be exercised, and begin to see together; we will start to hear God. "Are we going to hear voices?" you may say. That is just another indication of our tendency to cling to our own concepts, rather than allowing God to break through to us in a way that destroys our dependence on ourselves.

When we are moving on our own initiative, and not hearing from God, we become confused and fall back on our own efforts to work things out within ourselves, rather than allowing the Spirit of God to work in His power in the inner man. It is His changing power that will lead us on and bring light to our pathway.

Salvation does not mean that now we will have some peace in our souls, and continue to live the way we want to. Now He himself has become our peace. Unless He is your life, He's not going to be your peace. You will not have peace separate from Him, or anything else either .

These are dogmatic statements, but I ask you to consider them. Only as they are considered in the light of the Word will the truth be able to set you free. Otherwise you will continue to hang on to your old thinking. Hindrances in our lives are usually based upon one thing--our determination to serve God in our own way.

We find many different ways to excuse ourselves for what we are doing. But we forget that one day we're going to stand before God, and nobody else will be there to offer excuses to; you will stand before Him and give an account of the treasure that He has given you. So we need to come down to the simplicity of the working of the Spirit now, knowing the leading of the Spirit and the will of God. That means that I will have to begin to walk, to think, to obey as a child. Not being childish, but rather with the simple heart attitude that a submissive child has, instead of our meaningless philosophies or reasoning or opinions or whatever it may be. Truth! That's what we're looking for. "I am the way, the truth..." Only in Him.