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Small Tracts

Articles are printed as small booklets (pictured) or tracts in various sizes. You may read articles online or order small quantities at no charge (for large quantities, contact us). Permission is freely given to reproduce articles without modification if you wish to share them with others.

The Mystery Revealed - Christ In You

Salvation is not a change of mind or an emotional experience; it is when God comes to indwell the believer and we become "partakers of the divine nature." When God comes to dwell within by the Spirit, He makes us His sons and daughters. By a divine working of God He brings us into His family. Separate from God we can do nothing and know nothing. But as we move in union with Him under His direction, we have the power to do and to be all that God intends for us. Like Jesus, we should be able to say, "When the Father works, I work." This little tract encourages the believer to understand and to experience the mystery of "Christ in you, the hope of glory." [Read Full Article]

From Prison to Palace

All of us may find ourselves "in prison." A "prison" is the circumstances that we cannot change. It may be the place we live, the job we are "stuck in," the person we married, or a hundred other things. We may struggle to change our circumstances and fail, or succeed but now find ourselves in a stronger prison--our new circumstances. In these conditions it is easy to blame God, to complain, and even to become bitter against others and against God. This little tract uses the story of Joseph to give practical direction for a change of heart that takes us out of "prison" into a "palace." [Read Full Article]