Building up believers and the New Testament church

Education of Children

Christian Schools

A word needs to be said about so-called "Christian schools." May I challenge us on our terminology, and the concepts behind that terminology? Is there such a thing as a "Christian school"? What makes a school "Christian"? Can we find any support in the scriptures for any Christian institutions in the new covenant other than the church and the home?

My own answer to these questions is that there is no such thing as a Christian school, as far as God is concerned. All of His working is in the home and in the church. We may use a private school for certain reasons, and if we are moving in faith before God (that is, we have heard God, and the direction we are moving in fits into His plan), then there certainly is no problem. But we must be very careful that we are not trying to hire a school to do what only parents can do. If there is any element of this, then in the end we will surely fail.

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