Building up believers and the New Testament church

Education of Children

God's Wisdom For Each Situation

One trap that we can fall into is making one form of education "the answer" for all. It has been said by some that if parents were really spiritual, they would educate (not train) their children all the way through school to the college level. Consider what bondage this would bring to parents. There may be some that can do this, but many do not have that ability or opportunity. The family may have several small children, the father may work away from the home all day just to make ends meet, and the wife may not even have a high school education. What is this family to do? If we are not careful, we can put burdens on people that they cannot bear.

Each situation is different. The culture is different, the educational opportunities are different, and the parents' capabilities are different. The financial circumstances are different, the children are different, and the needs are different at different ages. We cannot put people "in a box" and say they must fit our ideas. Children have been hurt in early years by well-meaning parents who did not know how to give their child a good foundation in reading, but who were told they must educate their child if they really cared. Resentment can build in a child's heart in later years, which can undo any good that might have been done through parents doing all the educating.

What we are saying is that no matter what form of educational structure we use, we must know God's direction and His wisdom for the moment. There is no one "best way." Parents may be using public schools, at the same time training their children in a proper relationship, and giving them all the education they need. Another may be using a private school, and accomplishing the same thing. Others may be home schooling and gaining excellent results. All must train, and all must be sensitive to what is happening, being open for God to direct a change. Each one needs to know the power of God. Just because parents may choose home schooling for the moment does not mean that they do not need the ability of God moment by moment.