Building up believers and the New Testament church

Education of Children

Relationship Is the Answer

Having considered some key foundations in working with our children, how do these apply to the decisions which are before us regarding the matter of education? If we have accepted our responsibility as parents in the matter of training our children, and we see clearly what God is looking for in their lives, one area will begin to take on great importance--the relationship we have as parents with our children. It is a close relationship that must be guarded and worked with on a continual basis. We must keep the lines of communication open, and be sensitive to God at all times. There is no formula, no "five easy steps."

Each child is different, and the situation and the needs are continually changing. We must know what our children are thinking, and constantly be ahead of them to guide them in their choices. No matter what form of education we may be using, we must be "on top of the situation," working towards a goal in their lives.

Often, when parents begin to look for another structure for education, it is because there has been failure in this area of relationship. There has been a breakdown in communication, and the parents are not on top of the situation. They have not given the necessary guidance and direction, and have not been sensitive to the needs of the child. They conclude that it is not possible to work with the current structure, and start looking for other options, never considering that they may be the ones at fault.

Parents have sometimes moved their children from public schools to private schools, from private schools to a structured home school, and from structured home school to no structure at all. Many times (not always), it is a continual path of running from responsibility and discipline. Each step seems to help, but in the end, the child is not being trained and the results are only temporary. Training is hard work for both the parent and the child. Nothing worthwhile comes easily. No matter what structure we may be using for education, there is no substitute for a close relationship between parent and child. If it is not present, we need God's wisdom and power to see it restored and maintained.