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Building up believers and the New Testament church

Education of Children

Training With God In View

The bottom line is this: are we training our children for God? If the revelation of God and His purpose is filling our vision, and we are given over completely to God, then God will show us how to take care of the education of our children. Education should not dominate; training should. In education, we can train, but training goes far beyond education. We may find a certain amount of education necessary in the culture we find ourselves in, and it may vary from child to child. If we are sensitive to the Holy Spirit, He will lead us through the maze, and God will be glorified.

Without a controlling revelation of God, we will fail, no matter what the outward form of education. We need God. We need to know the power of God, and we need the wisdom of God. We must be under His control, not the control of our own ideas or philosophies. This is demanding, because it means we must be in relationship with God. If we are in relationship with God, He can direct us in our individual situations and in our relationships with our children. Let us not fall into the trap of making any form of education the answer. God is the answer. Are we being led by Him? "These are the sons of God, those who are led by the Spirit of God" (Romans 8:14).

May the Lord direct us for His glory and lead us in His triumph.